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CW Arborists Ltd. Masters in the Care and Keeping of Trees
20 Sagg Main St., Sagaponack, NY 11962
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CW Arborists Ltd. Masters in the Care and Keeping of Trees

CW Arborists are experts in Insect and Disease Management, Fertilization and cultural remediations for your most valuable green assets, your trees and large shrubs!
Michael S. Gaines, Board Certified Master Arborist NY-5314BT

We are qualified to identify, discuss options and treat your trees for liberation and protection from insects including the Emerald Ash Borer, Winter Moth, Gypsy Moth, Mites, Scales, Aphids and the rest! We monitor, plan, treat and protect your trees and shrubs from diseases such as Rusts, Scabs, Powdery Mildew, Black Sooty Molds. We also work with your treasured; Elms, Plane Trees, American Sycamores to prevent diseases like Dutch Elm Disease, limit anthracnose, treat scorches and blotches and much more.

CW Arborists work side by side with municipalities, non for profits, parks, schools and other entities to inventory, monitor and initiate planning for their tree management. Preservation and protection is key during construction and community development. We work with contractors, architects, engineers to establish boundaries and protection zones that are enforceable and durable through entire projects.

CW Arborists, Masters In The Care and Keeping of Trees.

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9 AM - 3 PM Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 2 PM Saturday
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