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How to

QuickNote: We transferred existing information from the old website to the new one over the past few months. Some had content, website address some did not. We even search and placed images on some of the pages but not all. We encourage you to display high quality images to your site. (1400px x 600px for the header image and 600px x 400px for all others)

For existing members your landing page has been set up. But is not fully complete. In order for you to have control over your landing page and design it the way you would like. You need to register. Just follow the instructions below. Once you have registered we will transfer the content and images over for you. At that point you can login and design your page the was you like. It will be help to read the section on New Member section this will guide you on setting up your page.

Note: When you register the chamber will approve you.  We cross reference every member that will register.

1. Register by clicking Register at the top of the page. Go to Create new account. Username,Email, password answer the question. You will be sent a verification email.

2. At the top of the page you will see My Listing, then under my listing you will see a hyperlink "Add a Listing" click on and you will be directed to the listing page.

Note:  To view your listing always go to My Listing and the top of the page.

3. Add a Title (Your business name) a Category and the Location. It a few days your page will be transferred and you can start designing your page.

For new members

Follow these steps and you can create your own landing page..

  1. Title of you business
  2. Category pick the best category for your business
  3. Location
  4. Geocode addres - type in your address and your will see it highlighted in blue just below Important step here is to Click on the blue highlighted address.
  5. Then add your address again.
  6. Phone Number
  7. URL Address and then the titlie of the site.
  8. Check Highlights, Open time, Price range such as $-$$$
  9. Upload a thumbnail image 600px x 400px
  10. Photo banner image 1400px x 600px
  11. add any additional photo
  12. Add your description
  13. add tags Click Save, Publsih and see how it looks!

Any question contact support so we can assist you. Thank you